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Following Hand Stamped Style on Facebook will give you many things from a good laugh, great creative inspiration, awesome tips and tricks, and most of all FREEBIES!!  I love the interaction that I get to have with my followers on Facebook, and the ability that I have to connect with everyone at anytime during the day is exciting for me.  As soon as I have a good idea, funny picture, or tip to share I can shoot it out to you ASAP!

Following Hand Stamped Style on Facebook is good for your health and will save your life!


I had TONS of fun, funny, and funny looking updates from my latest excursion to Leadership- and if you don’t follow me you missed some great shenanigans. There were SO many to check out and the captions for them were just as entertaining (at least I hope you thought they were, LOL!!)

Follow the Hand Stamped Style Facebook Page, it's good for your health

I have creative projects to share too, but the FUN stuff is almost if not even more entertaining.

Of course… I am human and not completely perfect, I know that’s hard to comprehend- take a second and drink that in.  But when I do have a hick-up or a snoofle on my end I like to update you in a way that will leave you with a good chuckle or at least a smile on your face.

Follow Hand Stamped Styles Facebook Page, it's good for your health!

I always want to share a good laugh, especially when it’s at my expense.

I am also doing a FUN giveaway.  Oh wait, did you hear that?  YEP- you got it- I am doing a FREE GIVEAWAY for those who give me their input… oh, and like my page.  I am trying to find out what type of projects my followers really like, and if you leave a comment for me then I am entering you into the contest for a FREE GIVEAWAY from me!!

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The one thing that you will get are rewards, and those are always FUN!

Well, my packed schedule and screw-up could be your gain… I meant to select a winner for my FACEBOOK CONTEST about 4 days ago… and sadly I got side tracked and forgot to select one.  So you still have a chance to enter into the contest! WHOOHOOO!!

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