Fancy Fan Yippee-Skippie Take Two!

There’s nothing like happy accidents, right?  If that sentiment sounds familiar then you must have been a BOB ROSS fan, much like myself.  I was an avid painter in school and my father introduced me to Bob Ross, I had all his books and caught his show on PBS every now and then.  I always laughed when I watched him cause he had that “yoga instructor” tone and used the quirkiest descriptions. One thing he was most recognized for was using the word “HAPPY“.  He always seemed to be so relaxed and chill while painting, and that is really how we should feel when we are creating, right?! 
You have to check out THIS cool video someone made in as a tribute to that soft spoken oil painting master, its pretty cool. So how does Bob Ross have ANYTHING to do with me or my paper crafting??  Well I had to share with you a HAPPY ACCIDENT one of my class members had on Wed.- in fact it was such a happy accident that worked so well that I had to give it a go myself!
So remember THIS PROJECT? It was one of the projects that we were making in class, but this is how her’s turned out-
So her first HAPPY ACCIDENT was using the FANCY FAN embossing folder for the long white strip for this project instead of the CHEVRON folder, and then she was afraid that the stamp to decorate the bow would coordinate well, so she decided to emboss the bow as well to better match. I LOVED THAT!!

Then instead of using the Dazzling Details for the center of the bows she placed some rhinestones, which as you know is my FAV!!! I absolutely LOVED how the rhinestones looked and knew immediately that I HAD to come home and create this version as well.
Nothing makes me happier than when one of my class members feels confident enough to alter the sample for themselves.  When I started in card making I remember wanting to make alterations right away, and I hate to say that I think it may have offended the Demonstrator.  I always have felt that art is SO subjective and it is so personal, so if a class member wants to make changes or alter the inspiration I always welcome it!
So why don’t you give it a shot! Use this card as an inspiration jumping off point, and recreate it with your own modifications. Try and let this be a relaxing experience and not cause you to become a ball of stress- that is the real obstacle that we all have to overcome.  When you get to the point where you feel comfortable making changes, that’s when you will truly feel creative!

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