Falling in LOVE with My Digital Studio!!!

Good Morning Stampers!!! So, I have been super busy getting together samples and projects for my upcoming MDS (My Digital Studio) class I have planned in May.  I am SO glad that I decided to plan this class because it has forced me to take the time to really play with MDS for some time now.  I am SO amazed at all the cool things you can do with this software. NOT TO MENTION you can see all kinds of samples and ideas not only from me but from other MDS users- check out this AWESOME webiste that is a forum style site for MDS users- CLICK HERE to see!  Opt to join as one of my friends on my landing page- I would love to be able to see your creations as well, and you can upload your creations to this site as well and create your own landing page- invite me to join your group!!!
Let me show you a few of my things…
Here is the first scrapbook page I created casing the layout from my Stampin’ Success Magazine.  I copied the colors and layouts from the magazine inspiration, I love how fast and easy these layouts are to make.
Here is the actual inspiration page from the SS Magazine.
Here is another page I created based on another idea from my Stampin’ Success.  I whipped this one together in less than 20 min.  It isn’t elaborate but it is sweet and adorable, but that could just be my kids :)  This is a good possibility of becoming a hybrid project for the class… 

Here is the inspiration page from Stampin’ Success, I love how the journaling is off set and scattered and I thought I would add that to my original page along with some buttons to give it some depth and move it into that hybrid status. 

Here is a different page I created, this one is from a designer template that comes with your software.  You insert the pattern paper, pictures and drop shadows that are desired and possibly a few more or change embellishments that are suggested and you have personalized it.  I love having all these spaces for different photos and I plan on having these printed and framing them in shadow box frames and display them in my kids play room.
Here are some non-traditional things I have also done with my MDS- I created a page full of different styles of business cards.  I am so ADD that I really like having the option of having all different kinds of business cards.  With MDS you can create a full 8.5 x 11 page of cards and have them printed and cut them down and BAM, you have custom designed business cards that not only inform your customers but also gives them a taste of one of Stampin’ Ups! product lines…

I also created these catalog labels, again- I have options of having different colors.  I did work these so they fit in the Avery address labels which took some time to get the sizes and spacing just right, but now that I have the template already done, I can change the colors or typed info in it and reuse it over and over.  I can make them true address labels as well for my mailers, have I mentioned that I LOVE My Digital Studio!!!
I also made this flyer, designed to be cut in half so you get 2 per page- great on the budget.  I stapled these inside the front cover of my mini’s and use those as my hand outs for my personal promotion.  I can better explain the kind of classes I teach and the product I sell when I have the mini’s and this informational flyer already inside.  I have 10-20 on me at all times… I have a zip lock bag of the mini’s/flyers in my purse, gym bag, and car.  I am ready at all times!

I have some other projects created too, but haven’t taken photos yet of them- SO you will have to keep you eyes peeled this week to see them.  I am super thrilled with all the options and the flexibility and expandability that this software gives you.  I just takes your paper crafting addiction to a whole new level- CRAZY!!!!  Want to take a look at what is available in the MDS, click HERE– There are some amazing MDS specials around the corner as well- are you on the edge of your seat yet… :) I can’t let the cat out of the bag yet BUT you will love it!!!  Thanks for stopping by to see my MDS projects, stop by again for sure on Tuesday to see my latest HSS inspired project, it is a cute one if I do say so myself :).  Until then ~TTFN 


  1. Erin,
    I love your MDS labels and business cards. Can you share any tips on how you did them. Do you have the labels formatted to print onto an Avery type label? Or are you just cutting them out of cardstock?


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