Ever Wonder Why You Should JOIN My MAILING LIST?

I have had several people ask me recently, “Why do I need to JOIN your mailing list if I subscribe to your blog?”  Then it occurred to me, although these two things make total sense to me (most of the time) it may not make complete sense to everyone else… that is a problem, so let me address…
If you SUBSCRIBE to my blog you will receive my blog posts each day delivered straight to your INBOX, you use a RSS feed to do so, there is a small box on the left side bar that looks like this-
So what is the benefit to SUBSCRIBING? Well you don’t have to make the effort to actually CHECK my site, you don’t have to navigate the web… you just open your inbox and around 7:15 each morning you will find my daily post there waiting for you :-)
So I bet your still wondering how this is different from my MAILING LIST… No, I haven’t gotten side tracked, LOL! Basically my mailing list has it’s own separate exclusive content.  Where my blog posts has content that can be seen by EVERYONE, my MAILING LIST content is EXCLUSIVE to those that have JOINED.  You can JOIN FOR FREE by completing the BLUE box in the left side bar, it looks like this-
I have all kinds of FUN things for my members, each month the members get my monthly newsletter (which is filled with TONS of free project ideas, tutorials, plus full details of my class calendar).  Along with the monthly newsletter, I send my mailing list members an exclusive mid-month project tutorial as well. I have created a video tutorial on how to make THIS DIY Marker Storage Project that ALL my mailing list members will see next week!
Simple DIY Stampin' Up! Marker Storage created by Hand Stamped Style, THANKS for checking out my PIN for more info visit my blog and facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HandStampedStyle
I offer exclusive specials and promotions to my mailing list members too, at different times through the year.  One thing that I offer ONLY to my mailing list members is my 12 WEEKS OF CHRISTMAS program.  This is AWESOME! Each week for the 12 weeks prior to Christmas members will get a FUN holiday project tutorial!! 
Those who ONLY subscribe to my blog won’t see ANY of these projects or get the tutorials.
I hope that this makes more sense for everyone, basically what it comes down to is I have WAY too many projects, tips, and info to contain it ALL here 😉
Don’t miss out on a single thing! Be sure that you JOIN MY MAILING LIST TODAY!!

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