Don’t YOU Like Being Rewarded?

 Are YOU the person who saves up all those “point” or “punch” cards from YOUR favorite restaurants and stores that reward you for being such a loyal and valued customer?  I DO!!  I like it when a business “rewards me” for my business and recognizes that I am important to their success, DON’T YOU?
Did YOU know that I too reward all those loyal customers that help MY business be successful? 
I DO!!!
For every $35 YOU spend (prior ship/tax) through MY ONLINE STORE or as one of my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS– YOU earn a STAMP ON YOUR HSS REWARDS CARD!!
The BEST PART right now- is that my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS earn EVEN MORE!!  I currently have a contest going on for JUST my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS!!
Are YOU a MEMBER? No, DON’T WORRY- YOU TOO can get in on the FUN!!
YOU CAN JOIN THE HOSTESS CLUB NOW, I have a couple openings and the club begins in Sept. so you have time to figure out what you want on your wish list!

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