How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

For those of you who aren’t able to come to my local classes, you may not be aware that my kids have been working on “earning” or becoming responsible enough to get a dog.  I came up with a short list of things they had to complete or keep up with for 40 days straight.  My kids worked hard and did their absolute best, for about 2 weeks… then they got discouraged and realized just how long 40 days actually is.  So they worked little by little on various responsibilities and almost a year later have hit the point where they earned the privilege of getting iPhones…

But then one of my newest stampers, Jan I am talking to you 😉 , was chatting with me about her rescue dogs that she had adopted and then we chatted about how my kids had been working towards a dog and so on… then about a week or two later she texted me to let me know the rescue shelter she got her dogs from had just rescued 2 Shih Tzu’s.  Long story short…

We now have a NEW member to our Family…  Meet PICO

Pico our new Shih Tzu

Meet our newest little man… Pico

his little man belt keeps him from marking his territory in the house, while we work to house train him.  It’s actually kind of cute.

Pico the pup

He spent the day sniffing, and getting familiar with his new home.

Pico the pup

He’s super cute but will be a lady killer when his hair grows in a little more.

Pico the pup

Sniff, Sniff, Sniff…

Pico the pup

He should have been named Dora… cause he loves to “explorer…”

Pico the pup

Kids are in HEAVEN!!!

I really am waiting for the moment when the dog says, ENOUGH!  The kids have been hoovering over him CONSTANTLY and are being a little abnormally suffocating!

Pico the pup

A TON of cuteness in a TINY package!

This little dude is super tiny.  He is all of 8 lbs and he is roughly 5-6 years old.

Pico the pup

It took us a while to come up with his name…

My vote for a new name was Olof… my sons was Rigbee, and my daughter’s was Ash… but finally it was my husbands name that made the cut, truth be told my husband had come up with a list of about 8 names.  One of his picks was PICO and that seemed to fit him well!

Pico the pup

My son is in heaven!

the sweetest memory from today, and the biggest reason why I really wanted this for the kids… because, well… every boy should have a dog.

Pico the pup

this was how my son spent his ENTIRE evening.

So now that we have this adorable rescue pup, and we now need to house train him… I need YOUR help.  I need all the suggestions and advice you have on house training a pup and finding a reward treat that he will like without having to buy them ALL and throwing a lot of money away.

I am excited to introduce this newest family member to my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS today when they arrive for class today.  If you want in on some awesome perks and beneies then you want to check out my HOSTESS CLUB, I have 2 spots available for the club coming up in October.  Check out all the details HERE!!






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  1. Heidi Michel says:

    Keep the diaper on him. Use women’s medium pads and cut them in half. Line his diaper and it will save you a ton. I have heard the clicker is a great tool for potty training but my best advice would be tieing him up in the room you are in, do not let him run the house. Take him out prob every hour or 2. When he goes outside, praise outside and treat inside. No playing outside until he gets that outside is for potty. A crate works for when you are not home or cannot be with him.not to big or he will mess in it.

    • Heidi, this has been FAB advice! He has done awesome with the diaper and the every 2 hours schedule… I also think he really likes the comfort of knowing when to expect what. I have to get me a clicker that is SO smart!! He loves his crate too… when I have classes and it gets to be too much for him he comes into his room and sits in his crate where is calmer and sleeps. Hes an angel!
      Thanks so much~ EG

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