I Didn’t Know An APP Coould Do That?

I am super excited to share the changes that I have been making to my personal HAND STAMPED STYLE APP!! What, you didn’t know that I have an APP… WELL, let me enlighten you- it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!  So yes, having an APP is seriously convenient for you the loyal follower- BUT now it does SO much more for you!!

If you are NEW to my blog and are unfamiliar with my FAB APP let me show you-

Get all my creativity and inspiration at your finger tips!

Get all my creativity and inspiration at your finger tips!

No matter where you go, or what you are doing you can check in on my BLOG, FACEBOOK PAGE, YOUTUBE CHANNEL , EMAIL ME – and NOW you can do even more!!  Before I show you all the new improvements, I want to tell you why having my APP is SO AWESOME… have you ever noticed that when you check your Facebook news feed that you only see what is happening NOW?  If I posted an update an hour ago you most likely wouldn’t see it buried under ALL the feeds that constantly come into your page…. BUT when you check MY Facebook Page through my APP you see ALL my posts, and ONLY mine- so you don’t miss out on ANYTHING!!

The same is true with my other social networks in my APP, you see a list of all my videos on my YOUTUBE section- getting my APP really IS a time saver!!  I am super excited to share with you the FUN changes additions that I have in my APP!! Check it out-

Now my APP is SO much more useful for you!!

Now my APP is SO much more useful for you!!

Now you can gain access to ALL the previous networks, BUT I have also added a link to my PINTEREST PAGE (which might take a day or two to update and actually appear inside the APP), I have added a link to my HSS SHOP right to my APP, so you can browse and see all the great and creative tutorials, online classes, and project kits I have for purchase on my blog!!  I also have a section with EXCLUSIVE COUPONS that you can use in my HSS SHOP.  I also have added my EVENTS PAGE, which connects to the class schedule from my blog!  I have a link to JOIN MY MAILING LIST straight from my APP, so you can actually do it ALL!!

This handy little tool will be your GO-TO APP for your phone, tablet or device- and it’s available for Apple and Android platforms.  Don’t delay getting connected any longer- stay up to date with everything by getting connected now!!


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