Designer Fabric Key Wristlet

Waste not, want not…  I can’t share with you JUST yet what I created for my Team Members, but I do want to share what I put together with the remnant of the project… what, a clue??
I can’t really share ALL the details for this project JUST yet… but in time I swear I will, but with what was left over I wanted to make something simple and this was the perfect answer! I will explain in detail later next week how I made it- you will die when you find out how easy it is!
I think the part I love the most is that it uses my MOST FAVORITE Designer FabricESSENTIALS PATTERN, I LOVE this fabric and am now realizing how much I enjoy sewing, and believe me when I say I am NO seamstress… I can sew a straight line and that’s IT!  Luckily for me this project required nothing more, LOL!!

I can’t wait to share with you the highlights from my ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY & COOKIE EXCHANGE from last night, THANK YOU to everyone who came and helped put together the card kits for the kids and share the most amazing cookies!

To check out some out takes from the event head over to my FACEBOOK PAGE, if you are reading this before NOON you will have to be patient- it’s Saturday and I didn’t complete the evening until LATE, so I should say check my FB page this AFTERNOON, LOL!!  Oh and while you are there LIKE my page and you automatically get notified when I update my status.  It’s so much FUN!!


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