DEEP BREATH IN, Deep Breath Out…

I know a lot of you (myself included) freaked out a little yesterday when you looked at the RETIRING ACCESSORIES LIST. I couldn’t believe we were going through a change over with the inks AGAIN!!  But one of the beauties with being a DEMO is you get access to articles that go into more detail than the general public.  So once I started reading about the items on the retired list and their explanation behind it, I was THRILLED!!!  The first thing I want to talk about is the NEW INK PADS!! I am SOOOOO excited!
Here is what they look like~ not THAT different right? Well, sort of… these NEW FIRM FOAM pads are seriously the BEST of both worlds!!  The style or casing of the pads are the same so they will still fit nicely in your color caddy and they still include that amazing patented open/closing feature.  If you don’t know the reason behind SU’s design let me share…
The pads are designed to allow the actual ink pad to be stored UP-SIDE DOWN when it is not being used. That is the reason for the flip top lid.  When you flip it closed the pad is sitting up-side down so that the ink will settle along the TOP of the pad, ensuring super duper juiciness for your next stamp-capade! :-)
However, the NEW IMPROVED features are that the pads now will come with labels found under the container.  You can place these on the ends for easier locating when they are housed in your color caddy.  AND as you can see there is the NEW FIRM FOAM pad!! I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am for this.  I have always been bad about re-inking my pads and if you aren’t pretty good about keeping your pads juicy they can curl on you.  That STINKS!!  I am so glad that SU! took the time to remedy this issue.  THEY ROCK!!
I cannot wait to get my hands on those pads, seriously SO happy!!
DON’T HESITATE though, if you see something that you want on the  
RETIRED ACCESSORIES LIST you need to ACT NOW!!! Once the items on this list run out the item is NO longer available. Stampin’ Up! WILL NOT be re-ordering that product to fill orders.  You will be amazed at how quickly these items will sell out.  GET THEM NOW while you can.
Some of you may or may not know that Stampin’ up! is also discontinuing their Simply Adorning and 
 Definitely Decorative line, you can see the items on the  
RETIRED DEF. DECORATIVE LIST (this is the wall vinyl art)
 Although the sets on the RETIRED STAMP SET LIST won’t run out, if you are placing an order for accessories you might as well throw in your sets and cut down on your shipping costs.  
Keep in mind that for EVERY $35 you spend you get a stamp on your STAMPERS REWARD card. Once that card is full YOU GET $35 IN FREE PRODUCT!!!


  1. Yeah it figures since I finally took the plunge!!

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