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Hello Stampers!!! I am so sorry for the HUGE delay in my posting, I have been enjoying the Holidays and getting some final items ready for my very LAST Craft Fair for this season, it is outside tomorrow. If you have not been watching the news it is bitterly cold here in TX- I say it is even colder (on your skin) than even CO was. It is SO humid here that the cold air is BONE CHILLING!!! I am praying that the temperature goes up for tomorrow so I don’t freeze my rear end off, although I guess would that be so bad???
Ok, onto more CRAFTY things, here is the LAST item I have done for the shows. I have been dying to make these for some time and just never got around to it. I looked up several different ways that did NOT require me to spray them with a sealant. See with the humidity here as heavy as it is I am pretty sure that it would take FOREVER for that to dry and I didn’t give my self enough time…shocker!
So here is what I did…

ok, before I tell you what I did exactly I will show you the packaging that i did for the fair. I was going to just wrap and tie them off with the ribbon but then realized that by doing that you couldn’t see most of the design, and honestly how many people will buy them if they cant see what they look like? Yep, so I put all 4 tiles in a medium cello bag and tied it off with the large 5/8″ real red grosgrain ribbon. Cute, yet effective. :)

Here is the first design I did, I was hoping the yellow would look more GOLD but no chance…so I am hopeful that these will sell. I stamped all the images with the BLACK Staz-on ink and then instead of using chalks (which have to be sealed) I used craft ink…but how you ask?

I made a painters palate using the craft re-inker bottles and the colors I wanted. I simply put a drop or two on a plastic plate and took a VERY fine paint brush to paint the images in with color. The puddles of ink don’t dry fast on the plate at all, so there was no need to apply more and you would be AMAZED how far those puddles went. I did all these tiles you will see without adding more to my puddles.

Here is a close up of the trees, the reason I liked using the craft ink vs the staz-on ink to color in the image is several fold.
First– obviously there are WAY MORE color options with the craft vs Staz-on.
Second– the craft ink washed right out of my brushes with just water and the staz-on ink ruined some of my brushes if they were not cleaned fast enough.
Third– the craft ink was more vibrant than the staz-on ink was.
and finally Fourth– if you painted over the black out line of the image with the staz-on ink the black lines would start to dissolve, but with the craft ink you can paint right over the black outline and the lines are unchanged.

I also added a bit of Crystal Effects with a TINY bit of glitter to the trees, I cant help myself when it comes to glitter. I feel naked without it!

I honestly thought about putting some glitter on the ornament too but that might have made the coaster a little unstable for glasses later on. :(

Here is the next design I did, I think this one was my favorite. I tried to out white snowflakes on the rest of the tile, but they were such small images that you couldn’t see them. I actually did it to one of them but you seriously cant even tell.

The only other color of Staz-on that I used aside from the black (for the stamped images) was White. White was the only craft ink that I found dissolved when placed under water after the heat setting step. I tested these tiles, once I had everything colored and such I baked them in the oven at 375 degrees for 20 min. then I ran water over the tile, while the tile was wet it looked as if the colors disappeared- but when the tile dried they were back to normal- EXCEPT for the white. the white color never returned. So I did use the Staz-on white for the snowman, BUT making sure not to take the white over the black dots or line as they will mute and disappear.

Awwe, isn’t he cute?!

Here is another design I did, man this set was really pitty

Of course glitter- how can you NOT?!

I really liked this design, but these tiles I used were probably too pitted and I should have used different ones. Hindsight, huh???

Here is the last design I did. This one was a little more tricky since there were several different stamps used and two different sentiment stamps. I actually used my Stamp-a-ma-jig for the placement of the words. Believe me I am good, but not that good.

Here is a closer look. I painted the strings on freehand, which is why they are abnormally larger in scale than the ornaments. I am hoping someone with REALLY bad eyesight will take these. :) Kidding, but I do wish I had used an ultra-fine brush instead.

I used fundamental phrases and short and sweet for the sentiments. I will give a list at the end of all items used. Here is a tip for you, to ink up half of that “Merry” stamp with craft re-inker I just used my paint brush. I got some ink on it and dabbed it on the portion of the stamp I needed and then stamped it onto the tile, easy peasy! It was almost just like using a marker, so when you need craft ink and can’t use the large ink pad to partially ink a stamp- just pull out your re-inker and a paint brush!
Last note– I thought I included a picture of this but guess I didn’t…sorry. To keep these from ruining other surfaces when placed on the table or what have you, I put those little felt circles on the back side. I bought the self-adhesive kind and just placed one in each corner of each tile. It works like a charm. Hope you enjoyed today’s project and I will see you again next week when I have my normal easy life back. Wish me luck for tomorrow and thanks for stopping by. Until later ~ TTFN.

Big On Christmas #116578, Tree Trimmings #116722, Fundamental Phrases #114968, Short & Sweet #115060, Staz-on Jet Black # 101406, Staz-on White #106960, Real Red 5/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon #109052, Linen Thread #104199, Med. Cellophane Bags #102757, Creamy Caramel Craft Re-Inker #102004, Pumpkin Pie Craft Re-inker #105164, Ruby Red Craft Re-inker #102448, Summer Sun Craft Re-inker #102765, Old Olive Craft Re-inker #101425, Bordering Blue Craft Re-inker #102530, Rose Red Craft Re-inker #102915, Certainly Celery Craft Re-inker #105165, Bashful Blue Craft Re-inker #105146, Old Olive Card Stock #100702, Certainly Celery Card Stock #105125, Tag Punch #105934, Small Tag Punch #108264, Stamp-a-ma-jig #101049, Crystal Effects #101055, Fine Galaxy Glitter #114286


  1. OK those are sooo cool. I can’t believe the time it must have taken to paint those. Especially the white Staz-on. Great idea!

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