Convention LOOT & Swaps, OH MY!!

I am SOOOO excited about everything I learned at CONVENTION this year, and spent almost the entire plane ride home planning out my class calendar and project ideas- I can’t wait to get my stamp room cleaned up and organized after coming home… it’s a MESS!! I basically come home and DUMP everything out… sift through it all and decide what to use first in upcoming classes, check this out!
This is all the FREE product that we got at Convention, in fact I think there is more in my suit case upstairs that I have hidden under my panties?? But this is a LOT!! I can’t wait till next year.  The other cool part about Convention is seeing the awesome SWAPS that people bring.  I rarely have time to make my own and swap, but I am making it a goal to do it next year- and even though I didn’t bring any there were some AWESOME stampers who gave me a swap anyway, AWE… right?! HECK YEAH- see what they made-
So this card was made by a gal in my Ink, Inc. family, her name is Margie Slyck and she recreated a card I made similar to this and she was so sweet to even give me a sample- THANK YOU Margie!!
 This card is from my good friend Brenda Crenshaw and man was this a serious card! First off, it was super heavy- lots of layers and the inside was even decked out, but it had a personal message in it so I didn’t take a pic.  But my most FAV thing… can you guess?? THE RHINESTONES!!! OMG SO MANY RHINESTONES!! BTW Brenda don’t think I didn’t notice that you had to HAND CUT out that Melon Mambo framelit layer… seriously, YOU are amaze-balls!
 This adorable card is from my Hand Stamped Style Team Member, Genny Valdes, she does the most amazing and detailed work!!
 This card was given to me and created by my FAV crazy cohort Krista Jensen, she does the most feminine delicate fanatic work!!
 Last but NOT least this was given to me by my NEW friend Stacie Jensen, and no Krista and her are not related but we all felt as if we were SISTERS from another MISTER!  I love this card and it showcases my FAV set- TAPE IT!!! Thanks BBS chic!! 😉
I will be notifying the Mystery Hostess Contest winners today via email so be looking for that in your email inbox!!  I have had such a great time with my friends (both new and old), my Team Members and fellow demos that I just have to share an experience with you, while at Convention a camera man asked me for a mini interview (although it didn’t air, which I am relieved cause I got kind of weepy and not real comfortable with people seeing me NOT be funny…) but it made me think- 
I was asked how Stampin’ Up! has changed my life, and it comes down to one thing for me- it made me happy.  I don’t mean like I just smile when I get to create something cute, cause I do- but it was more than that.  If you have been following my blog for long you have heard me share this before… I was a severely depressed woman after my kids were born (12 mo. apart) and finding the creative outlet that Stampin’ Up! offers saved me! I mean that in every literal sense, it totally saved me, emotionally and physically!  I share that so that if you are someone who needs something to divert your thoughts, or fill an emptiness, think about becoming a Demo.  When I get to share what I love with others and help them create and feel confident about what they make it totally completes me, I know cheesy BUT TOTALLY TRUE!!! 
If you would ever want to talk about the possibility or wonder how it all works, just ask!  I am more than happy to share my experience with you and answer any questions.  I would love to help you find your happiness with Stampin’ Up!

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