Completely Clear Is Completely Awesome!

Stampin’ Up! has really done a FAB job at delivering their new line of stamps.  I admit, that I wasn’t sold or even tempted to try the NEW photo-polymer stamps when they first came out… but much like other things I have had an aversion to I end up loving in the end, and THIS is no different! I absolutely LOVE the new sets that have recently been released, and have SO many FUN things planned for them all.  Check out the NEWEST one that was released yesterday- it’s SOOOOOOO adorable!!

Endless Wished photopolymer Stampin' Up! set NOW available through Hand Stamped Style, get your hands on this set TODAY- contact ERIN GONZALES with Hand Stamped Style to get YOURS NOW!!!

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I can’t wait for my ENDLESS WISHES to arrive, so I can play with it and share. Sadly, I have a few things I have been playing with and haven’t had time to complete all the projects I have started… SOON I promise!! I can’t wait to share them all!!!  POP & PLACE is another set that I LOVE and have started to play with… believe me some GREAT THINGS are coming with this one…. I CAN BARLEY STAND THE ANTICIPATION!!! I better move on before I spill the beans!

Pop & Place is another amazing Photopolymer set that YOU will LOVE!! Wait until you see all the awesome things that see Erin Gonzales with Hand Stamped Style has created using this set!  Check out my BLOG and FACEBOOK PAGE today!


The last one that I have been playing with and simply LAH-UV is this Halloween themed set… I have to admit, I about blew bubbles out my nose when I read the name of the set, cause it is the exact name that I would have chosen for a set- and would have probably been told, NO!  It’s nice to know I am not the only one in the world with a snarky, immature, and most times inappropriate sense of humor, LOL!!!  So you dying to know the name yet… ready-



The BITE ME photopolymer Stampin' Up! set is a perfect fit for any Halloween themed project.  Get more details about this and many other Stampin' Up! products from ME, Erin Gonzales with Hand Stamped Style, check out my BLOG and FACEBOOK PAGE TODAY hhtp://

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These sets are SUPER sticky, wonderful to use- stamp great images and they are COMPLETELY CLEAR so you can see exactly where you are stamping them!  For those of you who either don’t know how to use a Stamp-A-Ma-Jig, or don’t care to learn how these stamp sets would be a great alternative for you and since they come with less packaging than out clear-mount sets they are less expensive as well.  Go ahead and try one on for size, head over to my ONLINE STORE and get yours!


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