Color Me Christmas!

Can you believe it… just 4 more days till St. Nick comes to visit!! I am SO excited… I just LOVE this time of year.  We get together with friends and family and share good times, and some hijinks too!  We share memories from the past year in the cards that we send, and I of course ALWAYS look forward to receiving those cards… let’s face it, I don’t really follow that many people on FACEBOOK personally… I know GASP! So when I get the cards in the mail and am able to see all the things that have gone on over the last year and how everyone has changed, it warms my heart!

I am also SUPER excited because my package actually arrived TODAY (that I ordered over a week ago), so I can begin creating my January class samples, WHOOHOOO!! I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on those products.  I have SO many things from the NEW OCCASIONS CATALOG to play with, SOOOOO EXCITED!!!  You will have to stay tuned next week for those too!

I have 3 more wonderful and beautiful cards to share with you today, I am so grateful to have so many wonderful stamping friends and LOVE that they take the time to create and send me a loving thought over this busy season.  Let’s take a look!

This stunner was created by Jeannette A., THANK YOU!!

This stunner was created by Jeannette A., THANK YOU!!

I love how this card really is ALL about the color.  If you have followed me for any amount of time you know that I am ALL about a great POP of color, and this awesome card totally FITS the bill!!  I love the vanilla backdrop and you could easily recreate this card with a few Alphabet and number dies and card stock, EASY PEASY!! LOVE IT!!

This FUN card was created by Sandy M., what can I say I LUB DIS SET!!

This FUN card was created by Sandy M., what can I say I WUB DIS SET!! :-)

Ok, so I think I have used this set (COLOR ME CHRISTMAS) like a gazillion times since I got it back in August and I swear it never gets old.  I LOVE THIS SET!!! I think it brings out the kid in me who ADORES to color!!  This card is so simple which is awesome, because your eye is instantly drawn to the images.  AWESOME-SAUCE!!  I love this, so great!!

If you are curious to see what I am going to be putting together for the upcoming classes you will need to stay connected with my FACEBOOK PAGE, over the next several days and weeks I will be posting sneak peeks and updates… YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS OUT… who knows there might be a freebie or two in there too???  Stay connected and find out!


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