Fast Easy Tip For Cleaning Your Big Shot Dies

If you are like me you enjoy using all kinds of materials with your Big Shot (or other die cutting machine) and notice that there is always a mess left behind on your dies when the cutting is done, well TODAY I have a fantastic tip on how to clean your dies to keep them in prime condition and will extend the life of your dies!

I LOVE to use glimmer paper, and while preparing for an upcoming class… preparing THIS CARD in particular-

I "love" creating interest with letters, PUN INTENDED!!

I “love” creating interest with letters, PUN INTENDED!!

What I discovered when I was done cutting all the pieces and letters for the kits was that the glimmer paper left GLITTER ALL OVER MY DIES… and my desk, and my floor, and my stamps… you name it there was glitter on it. LOL!! I was kind of in heaven though, LOL!!  BUT I knew that by leaving the glitter particles on my DIES will screw up the next project I use on those dies, so I had to find a way to clean it up… so here is what I thought of!

Cleaning your dies after use will extend the life of your dies


Forgive me, I recorded this with my phone because I really did come up with this so last minuet and I was in DEEP need of cleaning my office so I didn’t have time to set up my lighting equipment and camera… BUT the video is still really helpful!  For those of you who need the caption services you will like this one… cause there is NO talking.  This really is a QUICK video, like less than 2 min. AND it’s simply a helpful tip.

QUICK BLOG UPDATE– well I am still working hard to get my new hosting service set up to hopefully move everything by the end of the week.  With that in mind, I decided to alter a few things, LOL!! I was always one of those kids who rearranged my bedroom furniture around every other week, so with all the changes going on here I figured it was as good a time as any to alter my look JUST A LITTLE.  It wont be anything drastic, but a more modern, clean and fresh look to my site that I hope you will LOVE!!  So be on the lookout for those changes in the upcoming days.

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  1. Nancy Farrell says:

    You are so funny, recording with one hand and using one hand. You are GREAT!! This is a very good idea. I also use a lint roller. Not my idea, read it somewhere, but it works too. :)

    • Thanks Nancy!
      Yes, when I had the I had the idea I didn’t give myself enough time to even set things up… if I hadn’t removed the audio you would have heard, “No, not now… cause it’s almost time for dinner… can you wait, I am recording something… right here- on my phone… Don’t roll your eyes at me… I don’t have to be looking at you to know you rolled your eyes!”

      Yeah, I thought that the music in the background was a better choice. Glad you liked it. LOL!!

      Take Care~
      Erin Gonzales

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