It’s Christmas Wishlist Time!!

How many of you have opened that one gift (or two or three…), that was SO not what you wanted? Come on, admit it… we have all gotten that Bill Cosby style, 3 sizes too big – sweater for Christmas.  OR, what about getting those sweat suits from the person that drew our name for the gift exchange… sometimes the whole gift exchange seems like such a waste, doesn’t it?

Each year at Thanksgiving, my family along with all of our extended family, swap names for getting Christmas gifts.  There are so many of us that it just makes more economical sense to draw names.  All the adults swap names, and the kids swap names… which is a great idea!  One gift for each person… BUT there is a downside… the samples above were not made up using my imagination, they are ACTUAL gifts that I have gotten on MORE than one Christmas.  I have a great way to REMEDY this from happening to you, again… I know I am not alone in this, am I?

Announcing the best way to avoid the dreaded BAD GIFT syndrome!

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Each year I offer this program to my stampers and it is a GREAT way to avoid getting those gifts that you have to return, pretend that you like, throw out, or donate…

Wouldn’t it be great to actually open a gift filled with a few Stampin’ Up! goodies that YOU selected?  You are getting exactly what you want and it’s something that you know you love and that you will use!  Let’s be frank, think about those who are shopping for you… they are stressed out thinking of what to get you.  Trying to think of something you will like, while staying within a certain price range?  That’s hard- UNLESS YOU THEY HAVE A WISHLIST!!!

MY CHRISTMAS WISHLIST PROGRAM is so perfect! You give me the list of items you really want, which normally includes a variety of price points, and then your friends and family select items off the list to get for you.  It’s totally a WIN-WIN!!!  Can you hear ALL the husbands breathing a sigh of relief that their wives have gotten in on this program?  It’s deafening it’s so loud, LOL!!

Get in on this program today, just EMAIL ME YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER, my WISHLIST program takes out ALL the work on your end as well.  You don’t even have to disburse your wishlist, simply fill out your list and send it to me- I take care of the rest!! So not only can the shopping be a breeze this season, but I have a TON of other time savers and stress relieves in store for you!

Have you joined the Hand Stamped Style MAILING LIST?  I have an awesome surprise coming to each member on TUESDAY, if you haven’t joined I would do it NOW!! If you have any friends that want in on awesome ideas and a GREAT surprise tell them about me and make sure they JOIN MY MAILING LIST NOW!!

Remember there is still time to register- don’t miss out!  Spots are filling QUICK and this is going to be a blast!!

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