Christmas Tree Take Down?

I am dying to know… how many of you keep your Christmas Tree UP until after the new year?  How many of you are tearing that thing down TODAY?!  I just don’t have it in me to do all the work today, and my kids are still wrapped up in their gifts to possibly tear away to help clear out the holiday fare… but we still have several days before they go back to school, so this year I think we will be on team “TREE UP TILL NEW YEAR’S”, I am ok with that!

Get your CLICKING FINGER READY… because tomorrow (Dec. 27th) MORE items will be added to the CLEARANCE RACK!!!  That’s right, so you can take advantage of the WEEKLY DEALS that are still going strong right now-

I have a SPECIAL online class for the POP & PLACE BUNDLE too!!

I have a SPECIAL online class for the POP & PLACE BUNDLE too!!

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Follow these simple steps to use a hostess code.

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I am SOOOO excited about the NEW YEAR and what I have to offer, but I can’t or won’t give out too much before I am prepared to launch them officially!!  Just be on the look out for more details to come.  Speaking of, I have been a busy Bee in my office the last few days creating and preparing… I am IN LOVE with the NEW Occasions Catalog that will be LIVE on Jan. 3rd… if you don’t have one and would like your very own copy sent to you just EMAIL ME your name and phone number today!  The products being offered and the change of holidays will make you FALL IN LOVE with it as well, LOL!!



  1. Nicole Fabian says:

    I thought everyone kept their tree up until New Years. Taking it down before is news to me. I feel like I’ve been completely in the dark all my life! :)
    How about you just RELAX today and definitely don’t think about the tree. Can’t wait to see the samples!!

    • For sure Nicole!! I am not thinking about any of that today… and I am DYING to share the class samples coming in Jan, you will die too!! SOOOOO ADORBS!!

      ~Take Care,
      Erin G.

  2. We put ours up so early, used to be Dec 1st then Day after Thanksgiving then THANKSGIVING day and this year as my husband wanted to go hunting and out of state, he put up a week BEFORE Thanksgiving….I LOVE getting it UP, but cant wait to get it down…would be taking down tomorrow…but think Sat. or Sunday my son’s children came today for “their” Christmas with their Dad so …. but I do like it down and back to normal pretty quick after Christmas…My Mom would take down after NY….

    • Amen Kris! This is the first year we didn’t put it up that early, with me being sick and all there was just no way. So we haven’t had it up as long as years past… so I can handle it, but New Years day I think the kids will be hard at work, LOL!! I supervise, LOL!!

      ~Take Care,
      Erin G.

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