Christmas Projects 2012 in REVIEW!

While my kids bake up some cookies I thought I would prep a little Christmas Year in review for you so enjoy!  For some of you there are a few projects that you will see for the first time and for others this is a walk down memory lane!  
Before I begin I just want to tell each of you, I am SOOOO incredibly grateful for you!  If you come to visit and enjoy my passion for paper crafts, and get to know me and my twisted sense of humor- I am SOOOO thankful!  There are a few of you that I have been lucky enough to get to know personally through this blog, through your comments and emails- and I am SO glad for that.  If you feel so inclined, please leave a comment and lets get to know each other!
Now onto a  CHRISTMAS in REVIEW!

I can’t wait to share another year of amazing projects with you and hope that you share some of your most favorite memories with me so I can get to know YOU a little better!  I hope that you and your family have an AMAZINGLY wonderful Christmas, memorable Chanukah and an ALL around GREAT HOLIDAY!!!

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