Christmas Eve Craft Ideas

I am SO excited that today is Christmas Eve!  I fill the day with activities for me and the family do to keep my kids minds off the packages under the tree.  I want them to remember this marathon of activities for years to come!  I make a list of a TON of ideas, many of them are not even paper crafts (blasphemy, I know…) and then I get ALL the items I need for us to complete them. I don’t ever tell them what we are making either, it is a total surprise- some are a hit and some are total flops, but it is FUN all the same!
As soon as I finish at the gym (a MUST for today!) the marathon of Christmas Crafts begin!  So here is what I have in mind for today…
Gram Cracker Gingerbread Houses– of course!!  Take a little royal icing (easy to make with powdered sugar an water), gram crackers, and all kinds of candy for decoration.  The best part with these- tomorrow they get to eat them to the bone!  I never buy the kind they sell in the store for them to actually eat, you never know how long those things have been in those packages!
 We make Hot Coco, of course- even though its like 70 degrees here, LOL!! To go with the coco we make these adorable Marshmallow Snowmen!  Get some fruit roll-ups (or use these sour candy strips, can’t remember what they are called but my son loves these nasty things.), edible markers, KISS candies, pretzel sticks, and a few drops of royal icing to hold it all together!
 We make seriously SIMPLE neighbor gifts!  This year we are putting some festive holiday candy in some small brown paper sacks and finishing them off with some cheap ribbon from the $1 spot, and these OLD metal tags that I had from YEARS AGO!!  Then we run through the neighborhood and deliver them, but we don’t stay to say HI- we ding & drop!  It is like a contest, how many we can do secretively!
 Theses Popsicle Trees were a HUGE HIT last year, so we are doing them again!  As you can see they are SUPER simple to do- I have a stash of glitter glue from W-mart, some paint, and ALL KINDS of embellishments!  We used sequence, rhinestones of all sizes, buttons, beads, pearls, mainly if it can be glued down it gets stuck on!
 This is a NEW one for this year, I found this on Pinterest (of course!) It is Sugar Cone Christmas Trees.  I figured that these would be a great addition to the Gingerbread Homes.  I will make some Royal Icing tinted green and then give them a variety of candies to decorate.  I tell you this is the ONE time of year I don’t complain about how much sugar my kids consume… it’s the FUN of the season, right?!
Lastly, we will make some cookies! These I save for the very END of the day, for a couple of reasons.  First off, we watch A Christmas Story while we cook, and that doesn’t start until later in the evening BUT- the biggest reason why is that I don;t want them ALL eaten before the Big Man in Red has a chance to snack on a few…
The kids are always so amazed when they come downstairs and see that some of the cookies are eaten.  They mentioned to me yesterday that they were afraid that Santa wouldn’t eat any of our treats because all we have for him to drink is Almond Milk and they don’t like it so Santa won’t either.  I think that was their attempt at campaigning for regular milk reinstatement in our home.  Have to give them an “A” for effort!
I hope that you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  
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