Chaotic Update From Hand Stamped Style

Technology can be a beast, especially when you knowledge is limited to the point that you just know enough to get you thrown in jail… or something to that effect.  So after MUCH trouble shooting, trial and error I (meaning my support team)) has finally come to the root of my blog site woes… MY HOSTING COMPANY’S SITE HAS BEEN HACKED!

Hand Stamped Style was hacked so please forgive the mess and chaos while we fix it.

Hackers SUCK!!!

So what does that mean? Well, the company that I put my site on was compromised… which as a result they (along with myself) have access to my “behind the scenes” of my blog.  Which ultimately means that they are able to muck with things that I don’t want, send emails that I don’t want, etc… I tell you this because if you get an email from me ERIN GONZALES or HAND STAMPED STYLE with weird content or worse yet, a link delete it. DON’T OPEN IT.

Having said that, the MAJORITY of my email’s are sent through a secure broadcasting service, the only emails that are compromised are the feeds that you would get through this site… I know that doesn’t help much.  Here is an easier way for you to tell, when I send out an email that is valid or has GOOD links, they will look like this: CLICK HERE

I don’t post a LONG funky worded link that you would find in most SPAM emails, so that is really how you can tell. I will also begin prefacing my valid emails with a heads up so you know it’s from ME and not some weird SPAM BOT or creep.

So with ALL that said, it might take me a few days – a week to get things right as rain, I need to move my site from my current (crappy) hosting company to a new one and with brain-i-ac hubs being in and out of town this week that will take some time.  So please bare with me… in the mean time you can still check out this site, as unappealing as it is currently… the posts will still come, although they will not be every day as normal.  These corrections will require some time on my part and that sadly takes me away from posting sometimes.

I will be updating and posting on my FACEBOOK PAGE as well, so you can always catch me there too… I am hopeful that I will have time to still complete the FEB CLASS REVEALS scheduled for this week as well, so stay tuned for that too.  Thank you so much for following my site and if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me anytime via EMAIL and be sure to grab some inspiration from my PINTEREST BOARDS as well.

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