Changed My Mind, again!

After thinking about all the projects that were have available to make I finally decided to scrap one of my most expensive ones from the list of options. I nixed the EAT display board, it would have turned out cute but honestly was more money than I think most people were willing to spend, and the prep for this project would have left the creator frustrated the night of the event. So I offered it up to my good friend and neighbor, who inspired me to put this whole giftable workshop thing together, Ashlie. I put it up in her Kitchen for her right above her pantry and it looks GREAT!!
I can’t believe I am doing this but I am posting a picture of her here, she HATES to have pictures of herself posted or shown…she is was too critical and way too cute for words!
So here are my culde-sac friends, we call ourselves the Real Wives of Stokely Hill” **smirk**. I am on the far left then the gal in the front is Ashlie, the one to the right of her in the white top that you can barley see is Donna, and the one in the blue on the far right is Nicole. We all went to the Beach together this past summer with our husbands and kids and had a blast! I cant wait until we do it again and take our other 2 neighbor family friends.
Here is the close up shot of the vinyl, it looks so good in her Kitchen. She has some other phrase things in her dining room which is just off to the right of this picture. She has such a cute set up and has decorated it in such a stylish way!
I love how large this definitely decorative item is, it really gives the room a nice touch. Want to see more of what is available in our Definitely Decorative line? Click HERE and see what else we have that might strike your fancy. When you are ready to order simply click on my WEBSITE and click the SHOP NOW button and you are on your way! Thanks for looking today, and I will see you tomorrow.

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