Celebrating Business Women’s Day!!

Yup, today is the OFFICIAL Business Women’s Day, and I am so glad there is a day that spotlights and celebrates the accomplishments of women especially as business owners.  What is it that I like best about being a Business Owner, well honestly that is difficult to summarize to one word or phrase!  There are MANY things I LOVE about it.
Hand Stamped Style is the second business I have now owned, and it is difficult for me to honestly say that I would ever work for someone other than myself.  There are TOO many benefit to count for being self employed and that’s not to say that there are no struggles- there are but they are outweighed with the feeling of accomplishment when you over come them!
One of the things I cherish the most about being a business owner HAS to be the fact that I am my OWN BOSS!! Think about it- I never have to ask someone for time off or call in sick.  If I want to take 2 weeks or a month off I simply adjust my schedule and do it.  If I want to volunteer more at my kids school or anywhere for that matter, I simply schedule my business accordingly.  I am blessed to work from m home, so I am available for anything… if the cable guy needs to com, if the school calls and kids are sick, if there is an emergency I am available.  I LOVE the flexibility that this business affords me.  I truly don’t work this business as many do to replace a full-time salary, but I could and I love that option.  I am a business owner and the fact that I can work it as full or part time as I want is Fantastic, I am in control!  
If you have EVER thought of starting your own Stamping Business, now has never been a better time!  Did you know that not only is it one of the BEST business to start but it is one of the CHEAPEST!!  to start your own Stamping Business is simple, you need ME as a guide to get your started and you need your STARTER KIT!  Seriously THAT SIMPLE!!! For $99 you can start your OWN Stamping Business, that’s crazy right? But, is it? You really don’t need more than that.  Too many people make the mistake of thinking they need to buy SO much stuff to get started, and that is where I come in… I will show you and share with you the training and tips that I have used to help this Business become a FUN and PROFITABLE one!

Check out this quick video on this AMAZING Business Opportunity!

You can see that not only is it empowering being in control of YOUR own destiny, but you are able to connect with so many others and build long lasting relationships with those you meet through this life changing business.  I hope that if you have been thinking about starting your own Stamping Business you will contact me as you probably have LOTS of questions, and I will be more than happy to go over those and answer them all with you.  I am open, honest and completely truthful about the effort, requirements to achieve YOUR goals, and the numbers- which many Stamping Business owners tend to skirt around, and I don;t know why.

If you have been thinking about becoming a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, and would like to JOIN NOWCLICK HERE or if you would like more information PLEASE contact me- erin@handstampedstyle.com – I can’t wait to hear from you!  Don’t let one more day go by just wondering, make today the day where YOU celebrate being A STAMPING BUSINESS OWNER!! 

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