Cel-e-brate Good Times, Come’ On!!

Happy Wednesday Stampers!!
Today I want to share with you the card that I will be making with the kids at Methodist Children’s Hospital today, they are making this CELEBRATE card.  I am kind of coo-coo-for coco puffs right now for the whole RAINBOW theme.  I thought it would be something kids of ANY age would enjoy making.  I really enjoy going to the hospital to give the kids something to do while they are waiting to receive their cancer treatments, and for some kids it is the only activity they get to do while they are patients.  I met the most adorable 8 yr old boy last time, he was such a sweet heart!! I would say that I hope I get to see him again today, but honestly I hope I don’t- because that means he was healthy enough to return home. 
So I made this a really simple and easy card to make, but I LOVE it SOOOO much!!
want to make this card, to see the recipe click on the image below

Would you want to help out the kids at Methodist?  Check out my FACEBOOK page to see how you can serve these wonderful kids too!!! While you are at it, please LIKE my page- oh and check out my YOUTUBE channel as well- you will see all kinds of tutorials!
Get your supplies for this sweet and fun card and earn some exclusive FREE product at the same time- but just for another 11 days…. time is a tickin’!!



  1. so cute! I’m gaga over rainbows lately too! :) AND watercolor crayons!

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