Card Kits for Kids

I want to share a few highlights of this year’s Christmas Party & Cookie Exchange- it was SO much fun getting together with my fellow stampers and have some treats, enjoy each others company and of course the best part…
 We created TONS of card kits for the kids at Methodist Children’s Hospital!!  I can;t wait to deliver these today, and am so thankful for all the help from my fellow stampers!  I just think about how the kids there love to create things, and will give them something to do while they are restricted to their hospital rooms for the majority of their days.  I am hopeful that not only will they love coloring and creating these cards, but that they will enjoy filling out and writing heartfelt thoughts to those they care about inside them.
Of course what would a proper thank you be without a recap of MANY of my fantastic stampers that helped in assembly and creation of these kits, you ladies are AMAZING!!  I loved giving prizes for the different contests that we had for that night, SORRY- I was busy giving out those and didn’t take pictures. LOL!!
If you really want to help and participate in giving to these AMAZING kids at Methodist Children’s Hospital then you have to check out ALL the details for the upcoming LITTLE HERO’S PROM FUNDRAISER STAMP CAMP– I host an annual Stamp Camp that helps to raise $$ for the annual PROM that the nurses of Methodist Children’s Hospital put on for the kids.
The LITTLE HERO’S PROM is an amazing evening for these kids, full of photo-ops, dancing, socialize, make memories, but the best part- they are NOT confined to their hospital room or thinking of treatment!  For one night they are free of all reality and focus on making memories!

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