Can You Say, “FAB Teacher’s Gift?”

I am SO SORRY for not posting yesterday and SO LATE today. I have a sick child here and MAN they require a lot of attention. :) Hehe, no seriously though- he is under the weather so my usual schedule is not so usual. But onto the topic at hand…

Are these not CUTE!!! What an adorable way to package your little post-it note pads. What is even better is that you can clip it onto the little key hook that most purses have inside the rim of you bag. Now when you are out and about and you have to jot something down you need not worry about what to write it on. Problem solved! I love ingenious things like that! I love too how they used the 5 petal punch to embellish this and finished it off with a rhinestone brad in the center. Pop on a little grosgrain and gingham ribbon and you are set!!
I just love this little gift, and the best part of all- they are so super fast to make that you can knock out a whole bunch for like your entire staff at work or a large group of people in NO TIME!! Now who doesn’t love that? huh, really?!
I hope you enjoyed this fun, fast project tonight, and a little surprise…I have 2 posts to make up for missing out on last night. Wait a few for a look at it…I will be back and can’t wait to share another with you tomorrow- see you then!!

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