Blossom Petals XL Punch Art

WOW! Today has been a crazy busy day for me, I have taken on a NEW challenge… I am going to try to create and RE-create something using the BLOSSOM PETALS XL PUNCH
You would be amazed at some of the COOL things that you can create with this FUN and versatile punch.  I am coming to find out that pretty much ALL of Stampin’ Up! punches can do DOUBLE (and triple) DUTY!!  Check out what I made today~  A Beautiful Butterfly.
blossom petals xl punch
This go around I am going to try, I stress the word TRY, to create tutorials or something close to that for each of the items I create with this punch.  I am not exactly sure how I will put it together or the details on it yet, so just watch for more details to come.  The only thing I used for this project was the BLOSSOM PETALS BUILDER PUNCH– that was it!
I have SEVERAL posts for today, so please be sure to scroll down and check out the other projects I have made for today!  You will LOVE the projects I have to share, all kinds of things to see.
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ornament keepsake, merry minis
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  1. Fabulous butterfly and how clever are you??!!! What did you use for the butterfly’s body? TFS!

  2. What is in the center of the butterfly?

  3. What is in the center of the butterfly?

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