Blendabilities are Da

If you have been dying to get your HOT little hands on the ALL NEW Blendabilities you will LOVE my first TOTALLY TECHNIQUE class for August!  I had SO MUCH FUN creating this class, making the projects and I can’t wait to share them with you.  I have additional projects that I will be sharing with you throughout the month that will build upon the techniques that I share in my class.

totally techniques class

I have changed the way that I am offering my local and online classes, and I am SUPER excited to share it all with you.  Let’s start with the FUN projects and techniques that you will create and learn in the class.

Blendabilities Class Aug 2014

A FUN class with TONS of COOL techniques.

I am offering this class BOTH locally and online, so no matter where you live you can take advantage of the awesomeness that is included.  When you register for either option you get immediate access to the online video tutorials, and this 4 part class series is jam packed with TIPS, TRICKS, and of course TECHNIQUES that all focus on the Blendabilities!!  But it get’s better-

When you register for the class, there are several options… you can register for JUST the ONLINE CLASS, which gives you access to ALL the video tutorials and printable .PDF files that will not only teach you how to use these FAB markers but you will also learn how to create ADORABLE projects featuring the different techniques taught in the class using the BLENDABILITIES.

You can also choose to register for the I WANT IT ALL option…

What does the I WANT IT ALL OPTION include??

  1. Get access to the 4 part online video tutorials (these videos are PACKED with information and tips for getting the most from your Blendabilites)
  2. Plus, get access to the printable .PDF tutorial that gives you the step-by-step instructions, measurements, tips and your very own recipe card for the featured technique.
  3. ALL consumable supplies that are needed to complete the projects are provided to you (i.e.- card stock, buttons, ribbons, rhinestones, etc.)
  4. You will receive One package (3 markers) of Blendabilites (you can choose the color)
  5. Along with a color Lifter Marker
  6. And, the Momento Black Ink Pad
  7. Plus, a line image stamp of your choice (up to $11.95)
  8. You also get a 50% discount on the class (either online or local)

So you not only get TONS of products that you get to keep, but you will have lifetime access to the online class AND create super adorb projects that you can go back and make multiples of AND you get a huge discount on the class itself.  How much better can it get?  Oh yeah, you also get a REWARDS STAMP on top of it all!  So you click ONE button, and I take care of the rest.  It’s that simple!

Blendabilities Class Aug 2014

Hands on technique training!

Blendabilities Class Aug 2014

Cool techniques for Blendabilities!

Blendabilities Class Aug 2014

Fun things you can do with your AMAZING Blendabilities!

This is a NEW option that you will see in MANY of my classes that I offer, it really is a HUGE bang for your buck!

I have been asked a couple times if the I WANT IT ALL registration option can be used towards a Hostess Club order, the short answer is, no… I hate to use that word, but in order to keep things straight on my end and to be sure that the Hostess’ don’t get shorted I have to keep the ordering separate.

So if you are ready to get registered for this FAB class then use the select option button below and get in while the gettin’s good!  The first local class is AUG. 9TH!!

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