Big Shot is a Big Deal!

Don’t forget about the upcoming BIG SHOT 101 class, this month there is a technique included in the BIG SHOT class, can you tell from the pic where it might be??  I have a FUN game for you…
Check out the picture and just try and guess what technique will be taught at this class.  For the person that guesses correctly – YOU GET A PRIZE!!  I have a FUN stamp set for you- I don’t have a picture of it (as I am away at Leadership) BUT who doesn’t love a FREE STAMP SET?!
So study the class sample pic carefully and leave a comment with your guess!  The class is on Jan. 22nd from 10:30-12:30 PM, and remember that you can opt to get the CLASS KIT or JUST the  TUTORIAL as well- CLICK HERE to get further details or to


  1. Anonymous says:

    My guess is the layered embossing technique on your “feel better” card but seems to easy so probably wrong…lol can’t wait for the class!

  2. embossing, embossing…I guess embossing… grin.

    Hope you are having a fun time at leadership!!

  3. Those are such cute projects with great colours!! It looks like maybe embedded embossing?? Ha ha…wish I was local and could come!!

  4. Meghan Walker says:

    I think it has to do with the feel better card and the layered embossing technique! Hope I’m right, but seems to easy so probably not…lol

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