Wish You Could Get The Benefits Of Being A Hostess Without Hosting An In-Home Party?

Have you ever wanted to be able to take advantage of all the AWESOME HOSTESS REWARDS that Stampin’ Up! offers but cringe at the thought of hosting and holding an in-home party… with all the cleaning, cooking, invitation sending, phone calling, cleanup that is involved in being a hostess? I hear ya, I feel the same!  Now I bet you are wondering how in the world I can say that when that is what the business model is for Stampin’ Up!, well it’s easy- that’s NOT my business model.  It’s not that I am opposed to doing in-home parties for my customers but I don’t pursue them with my clients, and that is really because it isn’t something that they have a desire for.

Stampin' Up! Hostess Club with Hand Stamped Style is a great way to get in on freebies with minimal investment.

My success really does lie with my hostesses!!

Of course I LOVE my Hand Stamped Style hostess, and now I bet you are totally confused as to how I can even have hostesses without having in-home parties… Well believe it or not I wouldn’t be able to achieve the milestones and goals I have without my hostesses (and believe me they are going to be rewarded too!).  I absolutely have hostesses, and lot’s of them, but I don’t do traditional in-home parties or workshops on a regular basis.

So how in the world do the HAND STAMPED STYLE HOSTESSES get to take advantage of the HOSTESS REWARDS like THIS!

Funny thing is... there are still a few items waiting to be delivered of hers...

Funny thing is… there are still a few items waiting to be delivered of hers…

It is very easy… they become a member of my HOSTESS CLUB! If you are new to my site or have never heard of a HOSTESS CLUB let me share just a few details. Each member commits to submitting or spending a minimum of $35 bi-monthly, and each club member takes turns being the “Hostess” and in turn getting the “Hostess Rewards” based on the club’s total from their orders.

Hand Stamped Style Hostess Club with TONS of benefits get more info just visit my BLOG and FACEBOOK PAGE http://www.facebook.com/handstampedstyle

So each of my Hostess Club members gets at a minimum of at least $30 in FREE Hostess Rewards, but typically they hit upwards of $50+ AND there are a TON of other benefits for being in my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS and you can see them HERE!  I am also cooking up a little something special exclusively for my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS, watch out for more details for that coming soon!

A Hostess Club takes ALL the work out of earning FREE HOSTESS REWARDS!

A Hostess Club takes ALL the work out of earning FREE HOSTESS REWARDS!

Being a HOSTESS CLUB MEMBER is the best way to get to take advantage of the FREE Hostess Rewards offered by Stampin’ Up! and you don’t need to hold an in-home party, clean your house, invite your friends, banish your family from the house for the party, and give up an evening to take advantage of FREE PRODUCT, with the convenience of the Hand Stamped Style HOSTESS CLUB you can take advantage of the FREE Hostess Rewards by simply submitting a minimal purchase bi-monthly- CLICK HERE TO GET MORE INFORMATION AND JOIN MY HOSTESS CLUB TODAY!!

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