Advice On Becoming A Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

Just yesterday I was approached by two different people wanting my take on the benefits of becoming a Demonstrator, and what was required to become one.  It made me think… as far as MY TAKE, there really is no cut and dry answer (for me at least) as I needed to have a little back story on the individual to give a complete answer… BUT then as I started to answer the latter part of the question it started to answer the first part.

Being a Demonstrator is a personal decision and is different for each person.

Being a Demonstrator is a personal decision and means something different for each person.

Then I started thinking… if I had TWO people approach me about this in ONE day, there had to be many more people out there who wonder about the same thing!  So I thought it might be helpful to share my answer with ALL of you, in case you have been wondering the same thing!


  1. IS THERE GOOD EARNING POTENTIAL? I don’t know why this is always skirted around when people ask, I remember trying to find the answer to this when I first started and it seemed as if either no one had a clear answer or any way of making this a possibility… but what I have learned over the last 6+ years is this- in one word, YES!  There is good earning potential, however it isn’t going to FALL in your lap.  So if you are lead to believe that making good money just happens… then you will be sadly disappointing and let down when it doesn’t happen.  Making money with Stampin’ Up!, as in any other job, required work.  Is it hard? Sometimes….  Is it worth it? EVERYDAY!!!  I would so much rather be working my butt off to benefit ME than a boss or someone else.
  2. IS THERE GOOD SUPPORT?  This one is easy, HECK YEAH!!! This is an important answer to get before JOINING THE FAMILY!!  There are two types of support to rely one when you become a Demonstrator, one is Stampin’ Up! which is AWESOME!!! The other is your upline, this one I would love to say is just as fantastic, HOWEVER I have gotten WAY TOO MANY emails from other non-supported demonstrators for this to be true.  Having said that I have to say that I personally bend over backwards to give the best support to my team members!  This is one of the things that I make sure that my team members get from me FIRST before they ever have to contact Stampin’ Up! Demo Support, and if it is something that I can’t personally help them with then I let them know who to contact with Stampin’ Up!
  3. DOES STAMPIN’ UP! OFFER INCENTIVES BASED ON YOUR SALES?  ABSOLUTELY!!  This is the best part, the more you sell, the more you make in commissions- and when you add in recruits under you then your earning potential increases as well.  You can see the details on the CAREER PLAN from Stampin’ Up! here!
  4. HOW HARD IS IT TO START A CUSTOMER BASE? This one is tricky… because when it comes down to it the fact is “it depends”.  It depends on how willing you are to OPEN YOUR MOUTH and talk to people about what you do and how much you love it.  I am a FULL-TIME DEMONSTRATOR, so what does that mean?  It means I am in constant contact with ONE other person most days… my husband.  I work from home, so I don’t have co-workers to tell about Stampin’ Up!  However, I would NOT be able to do this FT if I wasn’t comfortable talking to people about Stampin’ Up!  I still work at my confidence with it, and I admit sometimes it feels weird to be so passionate about paper- but that passion is infectious.  People have the same passions and they open up when they meet others who are just as passionate about it.  I talk to everyone, the cashier at the grocery store, the girls at the gym, the neighbors that move in, the mail man (yes, HE’S a man!), my friends, my online stampers, and of course through my BLOG!!
  5. HOW CAN I ADVERTISE IN MY AREA THAT I AM A DEMONSTRATOR?  The answer to this is also a follow up for #4 as well… the one tried and true tip I personally found, and I have used this plan both when I started my business in CO and then again when I moved to TX and had to start over with customers, aside from talking to EVERYONE is to get into some Craft Fairs!  You will meet people and will be in a setting where “crafty” or “wanna be crafty” people are, that’s a target audience!!  The thing to keep in mind is that having a local customer base is NO LONGER a must to be successful with Stampin’ Up! I would recommend working at an online presence and a local one.  as intimidating as Bloggin might be, it shouldn’t be- it’s not hard and NOT that time consuming. I can help you with this more on a one-on-one basis for my team members.  The thin to keep in mind is BE REALISTIC with your time frames, although some Demo’s have found, or claim to have found, customers quickly- this isn’t the case always.  It takes time, effort, and consistency!!!
  6. DO YOU THINK STAMPIN’ UP! IS A GOOD COMPANY?  Personally I think they are AWESOME! I will be the first to say that there are a few things that Stampin’ Up! does that personally don’t work with my business model, and I personally think Stampin’ Up! would be better off cutting those divisions of their current business model, BUT all considered Stampin’ Up! stands head and shoulders above other Direct Sales companies.  I personally have been a Consultant with 3 other Direct Sales companies and I have always compared aspects of those other companies to SU!  Their support, ordering system, and compensation don’t even come close to what is possible and in place with Stampin’ Up!
  7. WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS/QUOTA’S TO STAY ACTIVE?  When someone joins Stampin’ Up! they are considered an Associate, and as an Associate the quarterly minimum sales amount is $300/Qtr.  This can be calculated from sales that you make to other people or products you buy yourself.  To stay active as an Assoc. you would need to submit $300 in sales each quarter.  As you promote and move up the career ladder of Stampin’ Up! that minimum quarterly amount increases, BUT once you start to promote you typically have the customer base and business to properly support the new quarterly minimum amount needed so don’t stress about it.

I hope that the answers to these questions are helpful to you, and if you would like to chat with me personally about this further, I would be more than happy to.  EMAIL me your name and number and and questions you still have, OR if you would like to interview me to see if I am a good fit for your upline- I gladly welcome that as well!  I think it is SOOOO important to get to know your possible upline and chat with them to see if their views on business and ethics are a match with yours.  I welcome all kinds of demos, meaning if you want to run your Demo-ship as a business or join simply to get the discount, However I run a strong and profitable Stmapin’ Up! business and so I share my tips and techniques with my Team and depending on where their goals are they each can chose for themselves what they do with the info I pass along.

If you have ever thought about becoming a Demonstrator let me recommend becoming a member of MY HAND STAMPED STYLE CREW!  I would love to welcome YOU into my TEAM!!!


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