Beat That Holiday Stress This Year!

Every year I have grand intentions to hand make a creatively adorable Christmas Card to send to friends and family but I NEVER see that intention all the way through to the end… I end up sending Digital cards because I always wait to the end…  Admit it, who finds the entire process of even coming up with the DESIGN for a Christmas Card suffocating?  Or maybe a little something like this…!!!

Creating Christmas Card Designs, Does it put the SQUEEZE on You? Let releave your stress.

Don’t get your knickers in a twist, HSS has come to the rescue!!

That got me thinking…

Find out how to beat Holiday Stress with and simple christmas cards

Let me tell you how I can make your Holiday’s STRESS FREE!

There is NO need for the process of designing and creating your Christmas Cards to trigger or paralyze you with stress and anxiety.  I know that’s easier said than done… well not this year, let me tell you why-

What if there was a place you go, select a design and everything you needed to make it, PLUS get all of those items pre-cut and prepared so you ONLY had to assemble them??  What if I told you ALL this was TOTALLY possible, what would you say??

Well you can stop wiping your eyes because it’s for REAL- ANNOUNCING-


Christmas Card Stamp Camp with simple cards to reduce stress.

99% of the work is DONE for you… now that’s stress free, right?

Now, don’t let the name for this event fool you… it’s not a traditional Stamp Camp, mine has 2 parts- DOUBLE THE AWESOMENESS!!  Let me explain how it works…

PART 1 Christmas Card Stamp Camp will be held on SATURDAY, OCT. 4th beginning at 11 AM -2 PM, open to all!!

Part 2 Christmas Card Stamp Camp held on NOV. 1st from 11-4 PM, open to select attendees*

SO HOW DOES IT WORK?  At the first Camp date ALL are welcome to come, look through the various card designs, purchase products needed to create your card, create a FREE Make-N-Take, and win some awesome prizes!!  Then those that submit orders for their Christmas Card are invited back to Part 2 of Stamp Camp… this is where we get to assembly!!  Each attendee will have several hours to bang out their Christmas Cards, oh and this will be super simple because when you purchase all the needed items for your card then I PRE-CUT everything for you!!

SEE HOW MUCH YOU WILL SAVE!! Each card will have a cost breakdown, which will list all products and embellishments needed.  I will show you how inexpensive it really is to create your very own Holiday cards!!  If you decide to only get a few of the items on the cost breakdown you are also invited to attend Camp Part 2, however you will be responsible for cutting your cards.

HOW MANY CARDS CAN YOU MAKE? Each cost breakdown sheet will have cards priced in groups of 20.  So you can make as few as 20 or as many as you need (in 20 count increments) and what ever you have left over is yours to keep!  So if you don’t use every dimensional or sequin then you have extras for another project.  Pretty awesome, huh?

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE LOCAL TO TAKE PART!! On Oct. 4th I will post the cards with the cost breakdown and YOU can take part in this event.  If you order online the supplies needed for your selected design using the HOSTESS CODE that will be provided that day you will cut all your card supplies, OR if you want your items pre-cut for you, EMAIL ME your request instead and I will submit your order (instead of submitting online).  A $13.50 shipping fee will have all your pre-cut goodies sent to you.  But wait, there’s more!! No matter which order method you choose you will get a FREE MAKE-N-TAKE project sent to you!!

WHAT WILL EACH CARD COME WITH? When your card supplies are delivered to you (either at Camp Part 2 or by mail) you will get color step-by-step instructions for assembly AND cutting!  Why the cutting?  Well what if you want to re-invent your design later for a Birthday card or Graduation card??  Oh yeah, it’s totally possible!!!

SO WHO WANT’S IN??  Oh, I think I forgot to tell you… this event is FREE!!!  That’s right, you can attend this event for NO charge and you will walk away with ALL your Christmas Cards completed- BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!!! I know, right?!!!

FIRST, we need to widdle down the card options… so POP OVER TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE and VOTE for your top 10 card designs.  ONLY COMMENT OR LIKE THE INDIVIDUAL CARDS and not the entire album… let see which make the cut for Camp day!!

Christmas Card Stamp Camp with


EMAIL ME TO RSVP FOR THIS EVENT and get ready to kick back, pig out and RELAX come Thanksgiving… oh, the thought.


  1. Erin:

    I can’t wait to attend this event online. Wish you were a little closer instead of a day away!

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