Baby Shower Decorations- Part 1

I made these for my Cardio Groove instructor, who is having a baby later this month. She is having a Boy and her colors for his room are Red, White, and Blue. I have to tell you how much FUN I had making these decorations for this shower. I have never done table scape’s or anything like that, so when I started to think about what I would do, it came to me…
I would make some really adorable items that would normally be thought of as gifts as the table decor, and kill two birds with one stone. So I hopped onto YouTube and found directions on how to create these Diaper Cakes. Super easy and way cute! I have 3 tables to decorate for and though I would make something extra for the gift table too. I also made these cute treats (that you will take a peek at later in the week) for everyone to get as a THANK YOU for coming.
To make 2 cakes I needed something like 112 or so diapers, rolled and wrapped a clear rubber band around each one. Then with larger rubber bands I secured 1-3 layers of diapers around an empty baby bottle which sits in the center. I decorated the outside to cover the rubber bands. I got some really wide ribbon and added Brilliant Blue stars made with our Large star punch as well as Whisper White small stars made with the small star punch. I took the 1-1/4″ circle punch and made a bunch of Real Red circles and cut them in half then attached them to the back of the blue ribbon, I wanted to get a large scallop effect.
I found these SUPER SOFT adorable puppies at a super center and got 2 for each of the cakes AND they are holding pacifiers- MAN is that CUTE or what?!
I always recommend getting 2 sometimes even 3 of bedtime items, such as the puppies. The reason: if your child ends up loving it SO much like my son does his “Dino” you will see why…

This is DINO- he is my son’s favorite thing to sleep with. He loves this thing! He is almost 9, and even though he doesn’t drag it around with him like he used to he still lays with it every night. I had taken a red t-shirt and tried to do some skin graphs for the poor thing, but my son would find the imperfections in my sewing skills and create a new hole where he would hide little goodies for him to find once he had gone to bed. I can’t tell you how long this poor thing will last, but I know when he was about 13 months old, I went to the store I bought this at and tried to find another one and they had NO MORE! I bought something similar but didn’t look the same and my son NEVER touched the new one.

The back is even worse than the front. I think it is cute how he is so attached to something because it is, or was, SO SOFT to him. He is a child that seeks out sensory stimulating items. he has REALLY soft sheets and pillow, etc. At least I can say my son loves, even if it is a bit hard for the recipient. Hehe-
Hope you enjoyed today’s project and stay tuned tomorrow for some additional items that I will have at the shower.
Don’t forget if you are in the San Antonio area, I will be at the Encino Park Craft Fair this weekend- pray that it doesn’t rain on me… the address is Encino Park Community Center 1923 Encino Rio, San Antonio TX 78259. The show is from 9-5 both Sat. and Sun. Hope to see you there~


  1. That is AWESOME! (The Dino, I mean)

  2. Anonymous says:

    too cute and we’ll see you there saturday!

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