Baby Decore Finale!

Here is the last items I made for the shower…in fact I just got an email today and the gal we did this for had her baby the day after (literally hours) we threw the shower for her. Talk about squeaking it in…MAN! Congrats Joslyn!!
So here are the treats I made for all those who attended the shower. These are pacifiers made from mints and jelly beans. I used royal icing to hold them together. Easy step one is to put the base and the ring together, I put the icing on them for the glue and laid it face down to dry.

The trickiest thing about these is putting the jelly bean on the top- and then, you have to wait for the icing to harden! And wait, and wait, and wait- get the point. Luckily for me my amazing husband thought to pull out my can step down shelf (you know those racks that make levels for your spices/cans) and use the wire shelves to slide the the hardened base portion into the wires and them I squeezed in the icing and placed the jelly bean in the middle. I think they turned out good. I decorated the tops and backs of the packages. I did place each one of these in a cello bag so that people were not weirded out by eating it…or maybe that’s just me. **grin**

I had such a good time prepping these items for the party, and if I had more time I would have made a TON of more things! I hope she enjoyed all of her items and since I made 50 of these and there were only about 15-20 of us there she hopefully kept these to chew on in the Hospital??
I hope you enjoyed tonight’s post, and wait to see what I have for you all tomorrow. I can’t wait!


  1. Great Blog! I love all the cute stuff you make…especially the baby gifts. Sorry, I wasn’t able to make it this past weekend.

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