Awwwweee, shucks….

I have to admit that I have been SO bad going through my emails lately, I have had some seriously crazy things going on right lately.  I have had a house up for sale in CO that the contract fell through, issues with my ex-renter, a death in the family, my best friend moving and needing serious help and support, becoming sick, and on top of all that doing day to day and kid occupying activities… so I have neglected my email severely.  However, to my surprise, as I went through them this evening, I was awarded the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD by my fellow HSS Design Team member, Robbie Rubala, you have to check out her adorable blog- InkedX2.  Thanks girl!!!
Now it is MY turn to give this FAB and FUN award to 6 other stampers & bloggers!  There are SO many bloggers that I stalk on a nightly basis so to narrow this list down to 6 is a really HARD thing for me, but here goes…
Inking Idaho– Becky
My Crafty World – Tiffany
Man was this hard, but these are 6 of many that I visit darn near every night. :)  Please take a moment and visit these blogger’s, check out the amazing projects that these stampers create, you will be amazed. Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my post tonight, I am ALMOST done with the transfer of my crafting space… I hope to have photos and everything done by tomorrow… my kids have been a huge help and so thanks to those kiddos for their help and stay tuned for the reveal. :)  Until then ~~TTFN 


  1. Thank you, Erin, for the award and the kind words!! I am truly honored to be considered with these other awesome stampers!! It’s been fun being a part of your Hand Stamped Sentiments team, too. I can’t wait to meet you in person!! :)

  2. How fun is that, Erin! Thank you so much for the Award…you made my day!!

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