Just a QUICK little post for today… SOOOO tired from an AMAZING Awards night last night!  I received my recognition for hitting my ACHIEVERS BONUS, which was awesome! I was awarded not just a CASH bonus they had all the achievers wear a LEI (to commemorate the NEW incentive trip location!) I posted this pic on my FACEBOOK PAGE last night…
Erin Gonzales with Hand Stamped Style at Stampin' Up!s Awards Night
I know I am far away… BUT what you might not realize, unless you were there is that my time on stage was a bit of a flop… 😉
If you have spent any time with me then you know that I am anything BUT serious… I felt as I was walking up to the stage as the entire room was just SO serious, and felt it was MY duty to break the ice… As women walked up they were to announce their name and get their recognition and walk across the stage.  What does that remind you of? It felt like a Pageant to me, LOL!! So in true pageant style, I announced my name and followed that up with “Mrs. TX” with a partial pageant wave- BUT the dude holding the mic moved it before I could finish and no one heard and everyone was like, “What?”
So now I am just a goofy, confusing Stampin’ Up! Demo who was wearing a Lay.  I am ok with that, LOL!!
Another awesome thing that took place at Awards night was being their with my good friend Erica- who was up for, and WON a second time, Artisan!!! This is us JUST before the show started, SOOOO nervous!
Erin Gonzales with Hand Stamped Style at Stampin' Up!s Awards Night
Here is a shot of the whole group, we tried to find a FUN background for our “glamorous” pic… there is a goofy one (just of me of course) on someones camera, when I find it I will post. :) Yes, those are REAL LEI’S and YES they are REALLY WET!! Hence the reason why mine is around my wrist…
Erin Gonzales with Hand Stamped Style at Stampin' Up!s Awards Night
I have had a great time with my girl friends and can’t wait to start working NOW on achieving even more success for the upcoming year!  The location for the GRAND VACAY in 2015…
I can’t wait to share with you ALL the amazing things to come that will get me here!! I would love to have you join me in this destination- if you have ever thought about becoming a Demonstrator and earning amazing incentives and awards then CONTACT ME.  We can figure out what would be the best way for you to run your OWN demonstrator ship, and I would love to assist you in joining me!!
Last but not least… I wanted to remind you that TOMORROW is the LAST day for the MYSTERY HOSTESS CONTEST CONVENTION EDITION!! Enter today before the contest ends!
If you want to see all the craziness AWESOMENESS that is Convention then HOP on over to my FACEBOOK PAGE, and check out all the “normal” images of me… yes most of them consist of me having my mouth open! :-) I am like 12 at heart, LOL!!


  1. Love you Miss Texas!! Congratulations on all of your success!! You deserve it!!!

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