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I have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT for all of my MAILING LIST members today!!  There are SO many things that you are missing out on by NOT being a member of my MAILING list- let me give you an idea of just 3 most recent things-
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NON-LIST Members missed out on my FREE Mid-month project tutorial! Not only do you get several FREE tutorials in my Newsletter but each month I send a separate FREE project tutorial, which is a “Thank You” freebie for my list members!  Oh but those non-list members didnt get it…
NON-LIST Members are about to miss out on the best exclusive announcement so far this month… Shortly after 10 AM (CST) this morning my MAILING LIST members will receive an email with an exciting EARLY EXCLUSIVE announcement!! If you want to only miss out on TWO of these three simply JOIN MY MAILING LIST by 10AM!!!  
If you are reading this after that, don’t fret- JOIN NOW for FREE and you will get all these and maybe more amazing things coming to you in April!  There are SO MANY perks to joining- check them ALL out HERE– it”s free to become a member and takes just a moment.  OH THE BEST PART- the moment you join you get a FREE PROJECT TUTORIAL sent straight to your email!  So even though you might have missed out on today’s announcement, you still get somethigng for FREE!!

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