With All These Amazing Products How Do I Afford It All?

I am often asked, “How do I get ALL the things I want from Stampin’ Up! and NOT go homeless?” OK, so maybe those are the exact word that are used, but the basic context is there for sure!  I always give the same answer… by JOINING MY HOSTESS CLUB!  A HOSTESS CLUB is THE best way to get all of the things you want from your wish list, because you actually earn FREE PRODUCT by being in the club, which means that you are getting more of your WANTS and it’s not costing you nearly as much!

Hand Stamped Style Hostess Club with TONS of benefits get more info just visit my BLOG and FACEBOOK PAGE http://www.facebook.com/handstampedstyle

So Many Benefits for being a Member of the CLUB!

My HOSTESS CLUB has all the benefits of a WORKSHOP or IN-HOME PARTY without ALL the hassle!  I do all the heavy lifting for you.  I pull together 6 other club members and together I pool your orders and submit them together so that each club member takes advantage of the FREE HOSTESS REWARDS!

Each club member commits to placing a minimum $35 order (prior ship/tax) every OTHER month for 12 months.  Each club member is assigned to be the HOSTESS one month out of the 12 months, which means that each club member is automatically guaranteed to get at least $30 in FREE PRODUCT (but it is almost ALWAYS more than that!)  My previous hostess club members talked to their friends and co-workers about submitting orders on the month that they were the hostess and then their rewards amount went even higher cause the order total was more.

Just think, YOU could get FREE stuff and you didn’t have to send out invites, call and hound your friends, cook or buy food (that you know none of us should be eating, LOL!!), clean your house, kick out your family for the evening, clean your house, or hound those friends who said they wanted to order but didn’t.  Personally I think the days of traditional workshops are nearing an end… not only do people just not have the time to do all the things necessary to make an in-home party/workshop successful but it just isn’t necessary to do it anymore.  There is an easier way!

As a HOSTESS CLUB MEMBER you automatically get a COMPLIMENTARY CLASS KIT each month that you place your club order.  If you are local you can come to class and create your kit here, and if you can’t make it or are not local then the kit and all it’s parts is either mailed directly to you or included in your bag when you pick up your order.  It really is very SIMPLE!  You can see ALL the other DETAILS AND INFO about my HOSTESS CLUBS HERE (there is a neat informational video for you too!)

The seats in the HOSTESS CLUB fill up quick, and I have one beginning OCTOBER 15th– there are ONLY 3 spots left in this club and are offered first come first serve.  In order to secure a spot in the club you will need to submit the 2nd page of the HOSTESS CLUB AGREEMENT found on THIS PAGE.  You can complete it, scan it and email it OR just take a snap shot of your competed form and email it to me.


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