Amazing Deals For Friday

I bet you are wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD that means… it’s easy-
Remember when I told you a few weeks ago that there would be a great announcement on May 1st in regards to MDS… well guess what, I totally FORGOT! So I want to share it with you TODAY!!
This is great, not only can you get awesome downloads (and there are A LOT!!) but did you know that MDS is now JUST $19.95, seriously… how can you not get this awesome digital crafting tool???
Aside from the content you can get at a great price right now, the print prices are discounted too!!!
Check out all the items that you can select from at a discount HERE
Look at the AWESOME discounted prices for printing HERE
And if you happen to be a member of a Hand Stamped Style Hostess Club you are going to LOVE this years Hostess Appreciation Event… you will get a little MDS fever, that’s my only clue- but you will want to be there for SURE!!!  Remember this event is by invitation ONLY, and only those previous hostess’ or hostess club members will be getting one!!!
Here are some of my FAV ensambles and digital kits that are available right now for CHEAP!!
There are complete sets like this, everything you need for a party right at your finger tips!  No thinking, no creativity necessary!!
 Then there are kits that have all kinds of cool things included- like templates for 3-D projects and pattern paper designs plus SO much more!!
 Aside from those decorative designed kits there are a slew of Card templates, swatch book templates, single scrapbook page templates AND entire themed digital book layouts- THESE ARE AWESOME!  you just drop in your photos, journal a bit and BAM! You have a completed book- EASY PEASY!!!
Check out ALL the awesomeness that is MDS TODAY– take advantage of the perfect price for the software and download a few CHEAP digital kits or ensembles and get busy!  You can do it ANYWHERE- in the airport, at your kids practice, on the couch, in bed, at your kids band concert, WAIT- what? No I didn’t mean that… well I guess it depends on how good your kid is, huh?? LOL!!! Seriously, you HAVE to try it- OH YEAH, you can download a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL – kick the tires, test it out, see what you think, you WILL fall in love!!!

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