I originally had planned on sharing some class projects and news with you today… but I have some safety notes for you instead, which I have gathered from personal experience.  As some of you may have seen yesterday, if you are a FACEBOOK FAN of mine, I had a little mishap while I was preparing for the LITTLE HEROES PROM STAMP CAMP FUNDRAISER coming this saturday…
So, I bet you are wondering what happened??  Well let me give you a few notes of caution:
  3. Those finger guards on the table top cutter are there for a GOOD reason, use them!!
  4. If you are FREAKISHLY strong with your right arm (which I guess I am…) you should NOT use a table top cutter!
  5. The Craft & Paper Scissors ARE possibly the sharpest things on the earth.
  6. You should NEVER watch The Real Housewives of anywhere while you are using your CRAFT & PAPER SCISSORS!
  7. Those who decide to watch Real Housewives and use their Craft & Paper scissors SHOULD invest in some SUPER GLUE- which will be needed!
So wondering what I did? Well, it really isn’t that interesting or hard to believe even… I am FRANTICALLY trying to prepare ALL of the project packets for this weekends Stamp Camp Fundraiser because of course I waited till the last minuet, shocker!!  
I caught my pointer finger in my table top cutter and sliced through the finger nail at an angle (I would have taken a pic but it made me sick…) THEN after gluing it closed with good old super glue, I wrapped it tight so the throbbing & bleeding would stop.  A few moments later I caught the SAME finger in the cutter AGAIN… but this time I cut through the band-aid and sliced the side of my finger along the side of my finger nail- NEEDLESS to say that finger is officially JACK-ED UP!  I didn’t learn my lesson… while watching The Real Housewives (who can turn away, its like a train wreck, right?!) I was cutting ribbon strips and the tip of my craft & paper scissors sliced right through the bony part of my “ANGRY” fingers knuckle… so now it is permanently ERECT, at least until it heals.  I glued myself up again and went back to work… SO YES, numerous injuries forces you to slow down- LOL!!
So if you were on the fence about getting a CAMP KIT or REGISTERING to attend you should know that my BLOOD, SWEAT, and some inappropriate words (LOL!) went into this event, and you should register or get your seat or kit TODAY!!
Lastly, I held a TRIVIA CONTEST a few days ago- see it HERE… I have the answer for you today!  I asked if you could guess what technique we would learn in this month’s Big Shot class simply based off the photo provided in this POST.  I have several guesses, but sadly no one was right.  The answer to the question is…
Floral Framelits
 It isn’t a hard technique but SO fun and SO COOL to create.  If you haven’t registered for this class yet, do it today!!


  1. Goodness girl! Are we related? LOL I had to learn the hard way..while watching TV when something real ‘spicey’ is about to happen..put down what you are holding and place your hands on the table FLAT.
    I have the electric Big Shot and the first thing I did was with my (angry) finger a bit between the 2 plates, ran it through..unable to think straight rather then stop and back it up (it has reverse) I kept going forward another 1/2″ the tip of that finger had a blood blister for what seemed like forever!

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