A Little BLOG CANDY For Your Labor…

I am so looking forward to this Holiday Weekend! It is a great break from the new schedule that we have now that the kids are back to school, no better way to EASE back into the school grind than with a 3-day weekend!
To celebrate this long Holiday weekend, how about a little BLOG CANDY!
I knew YOU couldn’t resist, LOL!! And I love giving things away!! Here is what is up for grabs:

Want to know how YOU cna get your HOT little hands on these goodies??
Let me tell you…
I LOVE it when stampers SHARE ME with their friends and family, which is why I REWARD YOU for your referrals!
I have a REFERRAL PROGRAM just for YOU, yep- I give to YOU for sharing ME! Check out ALL the details for my referral program and how YOU can earn FREE stuff just for sharing me with YOUR friends and FAM!
In the spirit of MY REFERRAL PROGRAM, in order to get a chance to WIN this BLOG CANDY simply leave a comment ON THIS POST telling how YOU were referred to ME!
Did your friend share a post or a link with you?
Did you stumble across me on Youtube or Facebook?
Did your co-worker tell you about me?
How Do I leave a Comment??
If you have never left a comment for me before let me help you out… at the very end of THIS POST, in very TINY print, under the sharing buttons, you will see the words “NO COMMENTS” or “3 COMMENTS”, just click on those words and you will be taken to the comment screen where you can type in your comment. Remember if you are not registered with blogger your comment will show up as Anonymous, so be sure to leave your name with your comment.
You GET AN ENTRY for leaving a comment, and if someone mentions YOU in their comment (as the reason they came to meet me) then YOU get ANOTHER entry, WHOOOHOOOO!!! Yeah, SO if YOUR FRIENDS leave a comment then YOU get more entries!! Tell all your friends and family that you will see this holiday weekend, and
I will select a WINNER on Monday night and announce the WINNER on TUESDAY MORNING!!


  1. Love your fresh ideas. I found you through Erica C. Both you gals are super talented.

  2. Kathy C. 9/4/13

    Love, love, LOVE your pinterest cards….I searched for you and found your wonderful blog. The blog candy would be an added bonus!

  3. I met you through Pinterest. I searched for you and found your blog. I used to live in Harlingen, TX., not too far from you, but now am in Jonesboro, AR. Love, love, LOVE everything you create. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!

  4. Kathy C. 9/4/13

    Love, love, LOVE your pinterest cards….I searched for you and found your wonderful blog. The blog candy would be an added bonus!

  5. We met at Victory Montessori Childcare Center where your adorable children used to attend!!! 😉

  6. I found you after following another blog and I am so glad I did! I look forward to “seeing” you every day!
    Kris K.

  7. I’m pretty sure I found you through Pintrest.

  8. I found you through Pinterest! Your cards are always fun. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy! Have a great day!

  9. Michelle Redline says:

    Amazing projects you create! I love to see all the pictures posted. I liked your FB page awhile ago. This is my first time sharing your page. super busy so don’t always have time to be on FB lol. Thanks for sharing you SU passion with fellow SU demos. Happy 3 day weekend!

  10. I found YOU on Stampin’up side, and I’m HAPPY I did. Thank’s :-) Heike

  11. hello, Erin
    I’m so happy to have found your blog – it’s inspirational every time I look!
    I do indeed come from Germany, but can offer an American Postaddy, if I get lucky.
    wish you a wonderful weekend and
    sending greetings

  12. Last week I was referred to you by my mother Barb Bailey.

    Deanna Sheehy

  13. I saw a youtube video you posted and then connected here and on db.

  14. Hi Erin, Trying again from my computer instead of iphone.

    I got connected with you after watching a You-Tube video, and have taken an online class from you. Love all you ideas in inspiration. Shared via Facebook.
    Darlene Clark

  15. Hi, I was looking for a demo near me so I did a search on the SU website by zip code. Your blog is so cute I had to make you my demo. LOL

  16. YOU referred me to you — at the Madison High School craft fair! I referred Rosalinda and Betsy to you so I could stamp with my friends.

  17. I believe I first saw you on FB or a SU site. That’s funny….I can’t completely remember. It’s been too long! LOVE your style!! You inspire me when I am stuck & have NO ideas of what to make. :O)

  18. I found you through Pinterest……love your card designs, they are alway inspiring!! Thanks for the chance to win some fun new supplies. I often share your post with friends and encourage them to sign up for your blog…….

  19. My pal was searching for local demos and she shared your link. Now I stalk your blog, FB, and Pinterest. LOL. Fingers crossed for those yummy goodies.

  20. A friend was researching local SU Demos and she sent me your link. Fingers crossed for blog candy!!!!

  21. I don’t actually recall how I came to you blog but I believe it was through someone’s blog that I was following. I have been following you for many months and your creations inspire me to do more with my beloved ‘stuff’. As a retired single woman you can imagine that my craft room is the biggest room in the house and I treasure everything in it [a paper hoarder? you bet!] I’m not computer literate enough to have my own blog but I sure enjoy following them! Thanks for being one of the blogs I follow!

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