A Lesson On Classes…

**Edited 2/28/15  for further ease… 😉 **

I have been asked by several stampers to offer more of my classes BY MAIL, and in an effort to try and stream line things I have sadly let that fall along the waste side… SO today I want to outline the different types of classes there will be in an effort to make things a little bit easier and I PROMISE my explanation wont make you as miserable as this fellow looks… he’s probably NOT a stamper??


There are 3 basic class styles that I offer… LOCAL, ONLINE and BY-MAIL… and if you are not familiar with each of them let me explain.  First off, you should know that the LOCAL and BY MAIL class options are usually time sensitive… meaning they are only offered for a limited time and usually have registration deadlines.

LOCAL CLASSES– these are pretty straight forward-

*You attend the local class and create adorable projects for a fee (I pre-cut, scored, prep kits and supplies are available for you to use).

*Classes can be FREE with qualifying purchase (qualifying amount stipulated under each class description)

*Get access to the project tutorials and video demonstrations for each project that you can view through a special link any time.


*Gives you access to the project tutorials, printable .pdf files, diagrams and video demonstrations for each project included in the class which you gain access through a special link and can view it at any time.

*There is no project kit offered in this class option

*Class can be FREE with qualifying purchase (qualifying amount stipulated under each class description)

*This is always a great option for those who live out of the country and can’t purchase product from US Demos, or fellow Demonstrators who may already own everything used in the class.


this option takes the best pieces of the local class option and adds in a shipping element so that anyone in the US can be a part of the class and create adorable projects.

*Get the consumable prepped project kits along with a product (the product offering is detailed under each class descriptions)

*Get access to the link where you can download the .pdf tutorial, step-by step instructions and view the video demonstrations for each.

*Shipping is included in the price for the class.

So which classes are available with these options?

To make things easier for YOU- I have put ALL of my ONLINE CLASSES in one place-

Blog Shots-049

It’s hard to see in my example, but if you check out the menu below my header you will see my ONLINE CLASSES & TUTORIALS page there.  Simply click on the link and you will see them all!  If you are viewing my site from a mobile device you will want to touch the NAVIGATE drop down menu and then select the page.

Of course to see my LOCAL CLASSES you click on the CREATIVE CLASS CALENDAR and it will take you to my calendar page which looks like this…

Class Calendar http://www.handstampedstyle.com

Check out my CLASS CALENDAR to see what’s up for the month.

You click on any of the listed classes and it will show you further details about the class itself and give you the option to register for that particular local class.

Then there are the BY MAIL CLASSES, and those will typically be listed along the bottom of each post, and I am looking for another easy way to post those for you too, but for now they will be on each post.  Currently I have the following classes available in the various options for March, but I will be adding more in the next few days.


All Shook Up Paper Pumpklin Class 2015 http://www.handstampedstyle.com

LOCAL CLASS CLICK HERE- March 3rd from 11-1 PM




Easter Treats & Critters Class http://www.handstampedstyle.com

LOCAL CLASSES CLICK HERE – March 7th 0r 14th from 2-4 PM



Hostess Club Members get even more perks… I will share that with you tomorrow cause I don’t want your brain to explode and splatter all over the place. I’m caring like that 😉  I hope to see you in a class VERY soon, take a moment TODAY and REGISTER FOR YOUR FAVORITE CLASSES and get crafty!!

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