A Day Of Rest, After A Day Of Work

Happy Monday Stampers!!! I have jest a short post update for you today, and some exciting news.  After an amazing weekend where myself and all my stamping friends had a blast making FUN projects and raising money for such a great cause, I believe that we almost doubled our total amount raised from last year for the LITTLE HEROES PROM!!  
I am still working on getting all the wonderful pictures that captured Saturdays amazing events- from giveaways to great crafting! I will have even more highlights later this week… Once I download and edit :-) all the pictures.
While I work on the highlights, I thought you would enjoy checking out a helpful technique video today!
It’s not too late to help, you can STILL HELP- purchase a CAMP KIT filled with projects ready to be assembled.  CLICK HERE to get your kit TODAY!

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