$1 Spot SCORE!!!

I went to Target this morning looking for some items for an upcoming class and I found a little added something! Don’t you just LOVE that…I DO!!! So here is what I found, these ADORABLE plastic colored jumbo clothes pins. I knew just what I was going to do with them…and BTW I am planning on turning this type of project into ANOTHER class with some added items. I am still putting it I did think that these would be great for my fairs too. Hope you enjoy.

These clips are just too cute for words! I am in LOVE with them. I cleaned out my Target to the north of me and tomorrow morning I am heading to the one south of me to clean them out as well. :) I just love the looks I get from other women when I am piling $1 spot items into my cart…you can tell when there is a fellow crafter watching too. I get the look from the corner of their eye, and then I ask did you want a few. They often ask what are you going to do with them all, and then I explain and you can see a light bulb almost immediately appear above their head. It is so much fun seeing someone else get as excited as me when they see something cute in something very plain and ordinary. I am always MORE than happy to share. :)
I can NOT get enough of the Designer Paper either…I swore I would make it through all of the ones I have already before I allowed myself to buy more, and I am so happy to say that by the time I finish my last few items I should have it all used up!!! YEAH- more NEW stuff.

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